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Playing at a casino is based on luck – this is an undeniable fact. Casino has a statistical predominance from the very beginning. Therefore, one thousand bets makes the statistics work and make us be in debt. What is the point in such a game?

The answer to that question is binomial and relatively simple. Half of the gamblers play in a casino not to make profit but just to have fun and spend a nice time. Dreams cost money, and here, as long as you play, you can dream of the fortune and luck. While spending a night out in a pub with your friends, do you count up money and regret that you have already spent 100 bucks? No, and this is what playing at a casino is about: it is an expense which gives you pleasure in return. And often in your life you must buy your pleasure.

Then again, there is other half of players which gamble only to make profit. For them, playing at a casino is working, and there is no place for pleasure here (I bet not many people in the world derive pleasure from their work every day). To win, they use different methods of increasing their chances. And since there are such people, it means that you can win at a casino. This section explains the methods.

Fighting against casino, you must skilfully use four weapons: knowledge of rules, strength of statistics, power of money and psychical resistance.

Knowledge of rules – this sounds like truism. But are you sure? Do you know exactly how much is insurance in black jack? Or how much is winning for 3 bars in the slot machine you are using? If you decide to play some game you need to know everything about it, so that when they wake you up in the middle of the night, you will be able to answer any question concerning every nuance in its rules.

Strength of statistics. You need to realise statistical predominance of a casino. If you plan to make profit – you should choose a game in which this predominance is the smallest. Simultaneously, you must make sure you know how to play it (so what cards counting gives you the advantage if you cannot count fact).

Power of money. This is a crucial factor that enables you to turn the scales to your side. If you have an appropriate budget you will survive any, even the greatest run of bad luck. You lost the first bet? Bet 2 times higher the next time. You lost again? Raise again! Visit the section concerning mathematical systems and choose the one appropriate for your budget.

Psychical resistance. From 100 people playing at a casino, probably 95 will tell you that they are psychically strong. NONSENSE! Lack of psychical resistance and susceptibility to stress are the main factors that lead you to loss. Luck is variable, it is important not to pay great attention to the result but to realize your plan. I bet a half of these 95 “strong” people, after several dozen losses, raise their stakes considerably to win back quickly...

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