History of Blackjack


The history of the game of blackjack spans over three centuries to the present day, and has some fascinating episodes which have influenced how it is played today.

It appears to have always been a popular game since its first recorded appearances in Europe. It crossed the ocean to America after the French Revolution, as gaming laws were strict and numerous in France - while at the time America had none at all. This attracted a number of French gamblers keen to make the most of their skills in the game of blackjack. Even at this stage players were developing strategies on how to play and generally improve their winnings.

This state of affairs carried on for quite some time until America finally did bring gambling laws into play and eventually, during the prohibition of the 20s, banned it - and alcohol - altogether. During this time blackjack continued to be played in the 'speakeasies' which sprang up at the time, which were safe havens from prying eyes and the police.

By 1931 Las Vegas had been created and had become a legal place to gamble which saw the whole gambling scene begin to open up again. Blackjack continued to attract attention, particularly in terms of strategies and ways to increase the odds of winning. In 1962 a book on winning blackjack strategies called 'Beat the Dealer' reached number one in the New York Times bestseller list, showing how widespread it popularity had become.

Today, blackjack remains one of the most popular casino games in the world. Many millions enjoy playing blackjack, and a large number of these players do so at online casinos. Players can choose times to play that suit them and fit in with their lifestyles.

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