Monaco Glamour – 5 Reels slot game


5 reel slots are considered the most popular type of slots. This is because they offer better odds than the traditional 3 reels slots and still are simple enough to understand comparing to 15 or 20 reels slots. My personal favorite is Monaco Glamour – a slot game you can find in this money site:

Monaco Glamour is an exciting 5 reels slot game with very large number of winning combinations, which makes the winning odds quite high. Here’s a general map of these combinations:

Monaco Glamour1

As you can see there are many of them, which make loosing seem improbable.

But other than the fun option to win money relatively easily, there are other reasons for why Monaco Glamour is my favorite slot game: the luxurious and festive design of it, the auto play option and, of course, the bonus rounds. One of the bonus rounds on this game gives you a multiplier of x50. This is an outstanding offer which you won’t be able to find in many other slot games, including 5 reels slots.

As I mentioned before, Monaco Glamour can be found at They have a fairly simple sign up form and you can register for free or to a real money account. They offer other fun games too, so even if you won’t feel the same as me about Monaco Glamour, you’ll probably find another game there which you’ll get addicted to.

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