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Anyone who plays at online casinos typically has their favourite game they choose most frequently. But even those who prefer table games, bingo or card games often play slots occasionally as a fun diversion or something to do between other games. Slots are a game of chance that determines a winner based on the luck of a spin. They are perfect for all levels of player from novice to seasoned veteran as they require almost no learning curve. Plus, slots come in a variety of betting options from penny slots for the player needing to gamble on a budget to large denomination bets designed to cater to the high roller. Regardless of how much you wager, though, you have the opportunity to win big money with a single spin!

Get started playing slots

If you have never played at an online casino before, slots are a great introduction. If, however, you are already familiar with gambling online but are new to slots they will be easy to pick up. One of the reasons slots are so popular is because there are many different themes and varieties to choose from but they are all based on the same premise. You make your wager, spin the reels and if you have a winning combination on the pay line, you will win a jackpot based on what you hit. If you are starting out with a new casino you will likely be eligible for promotions and matching deposit specials to allow you to play longer for less money. These are similar bonuses that can be found with bingo codes, poker promos or the like. Make a deposit and the casino matches a percentage that you can use to play slots with.

Types of slots

Slots most commonly come in classic, three reel versions and five reel versions though there are some games that have seven or more reels. Many classic slots have a single pay line which means that a win is determined only by the symbols that appear on that line. For multi reel slots there are typically additional pay lines that are activated by adding additional wagers. The more coins you wager, the more pay lines are activated which means the better your chances are of hitting a win. While it does take a larger initial investment, many big money jackpots pay out only on a max wager so the savvy bettor bets as many coins as possible on all lines.

Tips for winning at slots

Because slots are completely a game of chance there are no real strategies that can be employed to increase your chances of getting a winning combination on a pay line. However, there are some tips many experienced slots players use to increase their return on investment. First, take advantage of those promotions and specials that are offered. Anyone familiar with welcome bonuses, limited time specials or bingo codes will be familiar with how they work. You will get more play for the amount of money you deposit. Next, choose the type of slot that will suit your budget when you activate all pay lines and wager the maximum number of coins per line. Doing this ensures you are eligible for the best possible jackpot should you hit a winning combination. Finally, play the progressive slots. These typically have life altering jackpots that often reach into the millions!

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