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According to the latest estimation, there are about 5000 casinos. Each of them tempts clients with promotions, high jackpots, mawkish graphics and millions of flashing banners. How to get it straight in this thicket of offers and how to decide which casino to choose? I will try to give you some advice in this matter.

When a choice is hard to make, one must reverse the question and; first of all, select places where it is not profitable to play. And it is rather easy since you must reject companies without significant reputation in the first place. If you plan to pay your money in somewhere and spend your time on betting you must be sure you can really win! The first elimination is about all the casinos about which none of your friends has ever heard.

The second selection criterion is possibility of withdrawal. You can believe me when I say that it is always easy to pay in! The problems starts when we want to withdraw our money. Dishonest companies would do anything to discourage us – making idiotic ways of withdrawal available (e.g. a postal cheque) or demanding dozens of documents (why the hell do they need the last gas bill?).

The third selection criterion is mother tongue. Sometimes there is something vague, sometimes there are some difficulties. It is much nicer to write to or call Ms X from a customer service department than to browse dictionaries for hours just to know what is our problem. Using the above-mentioned criterions, there are a handful of companies with which it is worth to bet. These are companies which are known all over the world, quoted, solvent, and which enable the clients to pay in and withdraw accumulated funds.

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